Little By Little

About a 10-minute concentration span. Slow sluggish movements. That’s about all I have at the moment. So for the time being, that means being productive for 10 minutes at a time. I am allowed to weep and escape. But only if I fulfill my 10 minutes of “have to.”

Ten-minute activity options:

1. Clean one medium load of dishes.
2. Gather and take out trash or recyclables to dumpster room.
3. Take a walk to Timmy’s for a cup of coffee.
4. Fold a half load of laundry.
5. Read one chapter of Hunger Games.
6. Do your workbook homework.
7. Water all TWO of your plants that are still alive. (yikes)
8. Vacuum one room in your apartment.
9. Check your voicemails.
10. Buy two things you need in the grocery store downstairs.
11. Tidy up one piece of your place.
12. Go out in your balcony and look at the view (at sunset if possible).
13. Make a salad.

I am not an animal. I am a person created in a God-image with personality and purpose. My existence must mean more. Good Friday is done. Easter is the present reality.

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